Notes from the

Linux/Unix Volunteers/Operations Meeting

13 September 1995

Reported by Rodney Thayer -


Topics to be discussed:

  1. September meeting
  2. Member recruitment
  3. October meeting
  4. November meeting
  5. December and beyond
  6. Megameeting

Being how these things normally go, we didn't quite discuss that list.

It has been discovered that our "code" to be used at the bottom of membership form is SLI so we need new membership forms.

It was noted that Spry has a web server product that is available for Linux, according to their advertisments.

The deadline for publication of meeting announcements has been changed to the 10th of the month, which JABR pointed out means we are 5 days late.

We discussed what could be done to increase membership. It was suggested (by RichB?) that we should encourage corporate members. Rodney suggested we set up a mailing list for 'commercial' Unix users, to provide a forum for such users in the area to communicate. JABR agreed and later that night set up the list, called "professional-unix".

Reasons for Commercial Unix users and Vendors to participate:

Examples of Commercial environments were discussed. These include environments such as Fidelity (SUN), HP HP/UX shops, UnixWare/SCO/BSDI Intel platforms.

Meeting Topics was the next topic discussed. Several ideas were mentioned:

Since we have September and October covered, we then discussed November. Ideas suggested were:

We decided on GuyBz doing a presentation on Cruising The Net In the 90's.