Oct 11, 1995

Phil Jensen /

Attending: John Abreau, Rich Braun, Guy Bzibziak, Phil Jensen, Rodney Thayer.

JABR looks at some old minutes. Only idea of current relevance concerns form for critiquing the meetings, something we've only done for the Linus meeting. Idea floated to have "form" be a form on a computer (at the meeting? and/or on the web?). Maybe at some/most meetings we can have a time when members can speak up about topics they'd like to see covered.

December meeting at BCS Waltham - vendor of fancy comm board etc (as already announced).

Idea for special events in the "Pentium room" at BCS. Need to sign up room, need way to get machines running Linux - but nearly all of the space on their hard drives is committed [ah, software bloat...]. This issue batted around for a while. Finally light dawns - one box can run Linux, others can telnet to it (this suffices for some types of demonstrations, anyway).

Moving volunteers meeting to 1st Wednesday discussed, the better to meet publication deadlines. Rich has a conflict then; abandoned for the moment.

Meeting idea for a "bake-off" - "Bring your machine, compare notes, get stuff you need on floppies, win valuable prizes." Munchies.

Future topics/speakers. January tentatively Farshad Nayeri and possibly also Geoff Wyant talking about Modula-3. Michael Meissner of Cygnus, perhaps? Always the quest for "names". Professional/commercial slant needed, by way of balance - invite vendors.

Joint meetings with ISIG? Maybe also the Web group? (hmm, a 3-way?)

Revenue. Coffeehouse @ Waltham. Seminars, of course. How long, how much to charge? T-Shirt designs - JABR has some ideas.

Please send me snippets that should be added to the above... Phil Jensen ::