Linux/Unix Group

Meeting Notes

Volunteer/Operations Meeting - Jan 10, 1996

The following is based on Jabr's notes from the meeting. No formal minutes were taken.

Guy Bzibziak told us about a ``Linux Consultants'' mailing list ( and showed us a magazine he'd found at Quantum Books: ``SysAdmin''

This month's topic is ``Modula-3''.

  1. Guy had difficulty in making it sound exciting
  2. Phil Jensen can't make the meeting, isn't sure which speaker will show up (hopefully both)
  3. Guy will follow up with the two speakers; email addresses are in Phil's mail message.

No topic for March yet, deadline is here. Need to pick a topic and write the Calendar description ``Immediately if not sooner''.

What's the deal with Sudha's "ads" in the Calendar for Web meetings? House ads? Jabr will ask Heather about these, how we can use this resource.

Bainstorming session

The following ideas for topics are on the table. Volunteers needed to flesh out ideas, maybe more brainstorming. Need meetings, feature articles, speakers/presenters, demos, pointers to info via ftp/gopher/http for group web pages
  1. Web servers - Apache, Netscape, OpenMarket
  2. UnixWare/SCO
  3. Caldera/RedHat
  4. Debian GNU/Linux
  5. Req/tkreq, job tracking
  6. WordPerfect/Linux
  7. Update on TCL/TK
  8. "New Users" meetings - Intro to Linux, HOWTO Install Linux, etc.
  9. Firewalls
  10. Installing news servers
  11. Installing PPP
  12. Installing XFree86
  13. X Server Shootout: Commercial X vs XFree86
  14. Variations on Motif: Moo-Tiff, Mo-Teeth, LessTiff, SWiM, etc.
  15. Linux Development: building RedHat or Slackware packages
  16. SQL on Linux
  17. Battle of the Shells: bash/tcsh/zsh etc
  18. AT&T Plan 9
  19. Battle of the Scripting Languages: awk/sed/perl/python/tcl
  20. Installing Java on Linux
  21. WikkedWayKool Web Development Tools
  22. PGP and security issues
  23. MH/exmh/metamail
  24. glimpse, glimpseHTTP
  25. SunSoft
  26. DEC Alpha
  27. OSF
  28. HP/Apollo
  29. SoftPro
  30. Mail readers, POP3/IMAP/SMTP
  31. Mail Transport Shootout: Sendmail vs zmailer
  32. Spreadsheets
  33. Latest kernel, HOWTO install
  34. Just the FAQs
  35. Fax and pagers
  36. Cuseeme, mbone, VAT, the Iguana Channel
  37. Porting to Linux
  38. O'Reilly
  39. Make(1) My Day
  40. CGI Scripting
  41. System Administration Tasks
  42. DOSEMU, Executor, iBCS2, Wine, Emulators in general
  43. Text Formatting with Linux
  44. Linux CDROM Survey
  45. HOWTO Build a Linux CDROM
  46. PC Unix Shootout
  47. Analog-Digital Interfacing with Linux
  48. VRML
  49. Time Servers in Linux: /etc/sevices / 6
  50. SNMP, Network Management with Linux
  51. Finnish Connection: Finno-Ugaric front-end for gcc
  52. SLIP, Slirp, PPP