Improving GNOME

Why are we here?

What should we do here?

A brief, incomplete history of GNOME

How about: We've already succeeded

What's a regression?

Disabling the second monitor makes things work, but with an obvious cost; one might describe it as a new form of the classic time/space tradeoff.
"The Grumpy Editor's GNOME 3 experience", Jonathan Corbet, March 15, 2011.

What's not a regression?

Identifying regressions/feedback cycle

A regression is created by a commit

RPM and dpkg make reverting regressions too hard

Improvements in jhbuild since last year

Why are we still using jhbuild?

OSTree for developers and testers

Just another step in a long series of related things

High level motivations

OSTree properties

Bisecting operating system builds

Not packaging



Example: GNOME should not block on KDE

Example: Don't "package" MeeGO

Example: What should happen when you plug in an Ethernet cable?

The myth of the "DE"

Issues with distributing binaries

Issues with distributing binaries, cont.

Regardless, seeing latest GNOME is valuable

Downsides of OSTree as it exists today

More stuff mozilla is doing, and we can too