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Robert Luoma writes...
> can anyone
> give any quick hints on setting up slip or ppp
> to run over the phone (e.g. at what stage
> do I need to dial in if I am going to try to run
> X on the serial line [yes, I know that it will
> be sluggish]).

The 'dip' program for Unix clones was written to facilitate scripts
like these.  You create a script which transmits commands to the modem
and looks for responses.  The pppd program also has this capability.

Attached is a sample dip script used for one of the connections here,
in this case a dedicated line which doesn't need dialing (adding the
dialing dialog is pretty simple, just put it in at any point before the
'mode CSLIP' line).

Questions?  Look for the dip docs in Slackware, or get the source kit

Frustrated with your X link at 14.4?  Send a SASE to Ann Landers care
of this newspaper for her tips on preventing premature hair loss.

# SLIP setup for -- DIP script
port cua5
speed 38400
get $remote
get $local
get $mtu 1064
mode CSLIP

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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