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[Q] booting w/o video - ttys0

I am running slackware1.1.1 on a 386 headless and keyboardless. When
I originally setup the system I had both keyboard and video on the
machine. I changed the sym link for /dev/console to point to /dev/ttys0
and attached a terminal to the system. It boots fine from the harddisk.

I have a couple of questions.

1.)	None of the messages are sent to the console until the kernel
	hits init. How can I build a kernel that will send the boot
	messages to the /dev/ttys0 rather than the video?

2.)	In order for me to upgrade the system (over nfs) I need to 
	boot from floppy to get the network enabled so I can nfs
	mount the disk with all the upgrade software. The problem
	I'm having si similar to the above, I don't have a keyboard
	or video so I can't hit return when the bootdisk prompts for
	you to enter the rootdisk. Is there a way around this, short
	of borrowing the video and keyboard to do the upgrade.

Thanks in advance.
Carlos Mora                     e-mail: mora at
Unix System Administrator	phone : (508) 879-1916 x6437
Bose Corporation		fax   : (508) 820-4865
The Mountain
Framingham, MA 01701-9168

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