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I recently "purchased" a functional IBM XT with 20 M disk
from MIT surplus.($20).  I was planning to plug it
into a spare serial port on my home linux
box for the kids to play nethack on.  When I pulled the cover
off I discovered that it didn't have a serial card.
I happen to have a pair of Gateway ethernet cards, however,
and was considering trying to run either the colombia or
ka9q software on the XT.  I haven't got around to it, though.
If someone wants to borrow the XT and ethernet cards to
demonstrate linux supporting an xt emulating a dumb terminal,
I can loan them for the show.  I can't offer time, just the hardware.

Mail to me if interested.  (I realize it's not much of an offer.)


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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