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Linux as mail server

> I need to get MS Mail clients connected to a Linux mail server.
> It seems that there are multiple versions of MS Mail.  I have
> a license for it that was included with MS Office Professional,
> but no software.  It seems the software is included with the
> NT mail server which I do not have, but hey, I _do_ have the client
> license.  I'd just prefer to use Linux as the server.  I know
> the mail software included with Win95 supports POP3, but what
> about regular WfW MS Mail?  If not, maybe Linux could support some
> other protocol?
> Also, it seems odd to have a license but no software.  The instructions
> say that the client software is automatically downloaded from the server
> when needed.  I do not wish to get the BackOffice server.  This looks
> a bit like a scam: "You bought the client _license_, and now you have
> to buy the server to get the client _software_".  Excuse me?

Actually, its worse than this.  Not only do you need the server to get
the client software, but you also need *another* server to enable MS Mail
to talk to other systems (called the Router) and *another* server to
talk SMTP....thats 3 boxes before you even start considering Linux.

> Unfortunatly, Eudora is just not good enough.  I really need to
> provide service to WfW clients from a Linux box.  Is it possible?

I've found that EMC have an excellent (shareware?) package based on POP3,
but the better packages are based on IMAPD - I found two - Simeon I thought
was the better.  I'll look up the other name if you want me to at work.
(email ahall at to remind me if you want this!)


Adrian Hall					adrian at
Systems & Networking Engineer			ahall at
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