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GNHLUG Meeting Wednesday, Nov. 22nd at Illuminata (Nashua, NH)

Forwarded from GNHLUG at The Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group 
meeting announcement. Some of you may remember Rob from the Linus aftermeeting.

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Reply-To: "Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Product Management" <hall at>

Illuminata is on Main Street, Nashua, on the third floor above Martha's
Exchange Restaurant.

>We occupy the third floor of the Market Exchange Building at 187 Main Street.
>This building is better known as the home of Martha's Exchange, a popular
>restaurant and micro-brewery. (For some reason, our clients visit our offices
>far more often and far more enthusiastically since we co-located with
>Martha's. Hmmm...)

The meeting will start at 1900 hours.

Rob Lembree will be talking on XFree86, tuning your X-Server, and futures
of the X Window System.  (He is probably cringing right now......)

Jon "maddog" Hall			Senior Leader
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Nashua, N.H. 03062-2698			Fax: 603.881.6059
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