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Real word processing with Linux

> Last weekend my 15 year old son, who is a Linux user, was working on
> a school paper using MS-Word for Windows. He asked me if Linux had
> a real word processor. He told me that he thought vi wasn't a real wp. I
> told him that I would ask the Linux group about the
> availability *or lack thereof* of a word processor for Linux. So,
> is there a real word processor that will run in a Linux environment??
> If so, how can I get it?

Here you go:

From: biell at (Bill Totten)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.apps
Subject: Re: Linux Word Processors
Date: 28 Nov 1995 20:16:56 -0500

  Yes there are a few actually.
  My favorite, it is a new commer.  It acts as a frontend to TeX, so you will
  need to have that installed.  It is almost fully WYSIWYG. LyX is great for
  those, like myself, who are learning TeX, since you can learn from its
  generated latex files.  It is very stable and just a great program.
  The Andrew user interface has been around for a while and is very versitle.
  It can do just about anything you would need from a word proccessor.  It
  confused me a little though when configuring the menu's and I could never
  get them the way I wanted.  You can enavle VI key bindings, WHICH ROCKS THE
  WORLD, so that is a major plus.  Andrew is a reliable and a good set of
  I found this when I was looking for lesstif (which I couldn't get to work):
  It is seriously in development I think.  Honestly I don't remember the 
  site, but It may turn into something cool.
  I probably butchered the name.  I have not tried it, I did not install
  the binary, it wanted you to install fonts and I wanted to take a further
  look at that before I installed it, usually I like programs which you can
  try without having to fully install, uninstalling can be a pain if files
  get overridden and such.
  both word perfect 5 and 6 for SCO are reported to work well under iBCS. I
  had problems with /dev/spx, not sure why so I couldn't even get the demos to
  work, but so is life I will figure that one out someday.
  Caldera is porting word perfect 6 to linux. I am not sure when this will
  happen, if it hasen't already. [it does exist and Caldera is selling it]

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