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Debian, anyone?

Hi, Rodney, I'm a Debian Elmer and yes, Debian has been installed on
top of a DOS file system.  It has to be installed as the UMSDOS file
system type and the kernel has to be setup to boot to the virtual
linux root directory on drive C:.  The kernel is loaded using
load-linux from the directory in C:\linux.  Its a neat trick.

If you want the details on how to do it I'll have to dig through some
old debian-devel email.  A couple of us have been thinking about making
it one of the install formats.  I know one guy did it quite a while
ago and Bruce Parens has made noises about making it a special install

I'm also involved with the XDenu distribution at the HUT in Finland.
XDenu has a mix of umsdos and minix file systems using the same
formula.  Thats how Xdenu turns your PC into a X terminal with local
fonts without repartitioning.  I've used it at work.  Several of us
got pretty excited to see it run the AIX desktop as a color X terminal
without a hitch.

You can call me at work if you want.
Let me know what you want to do.

  Constantine Rasmussen      508-750-7500 x7020     cdr at

   Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 19:49:21 -0500
   To: linux-sig at
   From: Rodney Thayer <rodney at>
   Subject: Debian,  anyone?
   has anyone out there installed Debian?  (Jabr, not you.)
   Are there any "Elmers" on this list (if you don't know what it is, I bet you
   have better things to do than scan
   Can Debian be installed on top of a FAT16 file system?
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