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old mail

Ziplink's DNS messes up about three times a day as far as I can tell, and
they 'sell busy signal' from the Boston POP.  I'm getting disenchanted with
them.  After I try a few more DNS tests and a couple of other POP's I'll
problably cancel my account.

At 11:13 AM 12/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Yesterday, there appeared to be a problem at Ziplink. Performance between 
>ziplink and Digital was abyssmal. The problem appears to be corrected. I was 
>able to log into from Digital, then to ziplink from The 
>performance was good.
>Ziplink has a 45MB T3 as well as some T1s. If the T3 goes down, it puts them 
>onto the Sprint backbone via a T1 to Centnet. 
>Jerry Feldman            Digital Unix Development Environment
>Digital Equipment Corp.  (work)gaf at (home)gaf at
>110 Spitbrook Rd.        Mailstop: ZKO3-2/W17
>Nashua, NH 03062-9987    (603)881-2970, DTN:381-2970

               Rodney Thayer <rodney at>       +1 617 332 7292
               Sable Technology Corp, 246 Walnut St., Newton MA 02160 USA
               Fax: +1 617 332 7970 
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