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For tonight's meeting

Everything worked out last night. JABR's system also has Windows 95. When he 
was unable to get X working, we fired up Windows 95, ran Netscape, and Bill 
was able to show the two demos. Actually, I had copied several from Bill's 
directory, so we even had a threads demo. The presentation as well as the 
demos will be publicly available very shortly when the Digital are able to 
make his directory available outside of the firewall.

Also, got a nice LCD panel from Digital for the meeting.
Jerry Feldman            Digital Unix Development Environment
Digital Equipment Corp.  (work)gaf at (home)gaf at
110 Spitbrook Rd.        Mailstop: ZKO3-2/W17
Nashua, NH 03062-9987    (603)881-2970, DTN:381-2970

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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