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Majordomo on BLU.ORG

I've installed Majordomo on tarnhelm. I've also moved over the lists
from BCS.ORG, as follows:

    Old                         New
    ---                         ---
    linux-sig at           discuss at
    linux-sig-info at      announce at
    linux-sig-admin at     volunteers at

Digest versions of the lists are not yet working; I'll see if I can get
that working Sunday evening. Once this is complete, I'll point the
aliases on BCS.ORG to send to the new lists.

So we now have the following lists on BLU.ORG:
discuss - General discussion, tech talk, etc.
announce - Announcements of meetings, Installfests, and other events
volunteers - Volunteer discussions and administering the group
directors - BLU Board of Directors
sysadmin - Volunteers who operate tarnhelm
webmasters - Volunteers who maintain web content

-- Jabr

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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