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The next meeting of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User's Group

Rodney wrote:
> another place to advertise - talk to Jerry about getting info to the GNH
> and the other group, see if you can get Maddog to help spread the word
> around DEC...
I'll talk to both Maddog and John Reeves. John is a principal of the Internet Movie Data Base, and tends to send out meeting announcements for several groups. He sits in the next cube (no JABR, not THE Next Cube) from me.
Jerry Feldman            Digital Unix Development Environment
Digital Equipment Corp.  (work)gaf at (home)gaf at
110 Spitbrook Rd.        Mailstop: ZKO3-2/W17
Nashua, NH 03062-9987    (603)881-2970, DTN:381-2970

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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