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exmh can be induced to use MIME-encapsulation with forwarded messages; 
somebody posted this on one of the exmh lists (Jongki Suwandi, I think):

Close exmh and add this to your .exmh-defaults file after the rest of the 
"Mops" (menu-ops) lines:

! Remove "Forward" button
*Mops.u-buttonlist:             forward
*Mops.u-g_current:              forward
*Mops.u-g_range:                forward
*Mops.u-g_nodraft:              forward
! And add "Forward..." menu to do 'forw' and 'forw -mime'
*Mops.umenulist:                forw
*Mops.forw.text:                Forward...
*Mops.forw.m.entrylist:         forw forwmime
*Mops.forw.m.l_forw:            Forward <Key-f>
*Mops.forw.m.c_forw:            Msg_Forward
*Mops.forw.m.l_forwmime:        Mime Forward <Control-f>
*Mops.forw.m.c_forwmime:        Msg_Forward -mime
*Mops.ug_current:               forw
*Mops.ug_range:                 forw
*Mops.ug_nodraft:               forw            


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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