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Volunteers' Meeting

We're a volunteer-run organization; volunteering is about helping the
group to run smoothly. This can be something simple, like putting up
arrow signs around MIT the day of the monthly meeting, or as involved as
being the team leader for an event such as the Installfest. There are many
activities that we'd like to see the group doing, but many of them await
volunteers with the time, energy, and interest to take them on.

Last year, for example, we were talking about putting on a small trade
show, perhaps on the scale of the old BCS Meagmeeting shows; but that
never came together. We'd also like to hold regular monthly classes, again
like BCS used to do; this would require a team of volunteers to schedule
the classes, publicise them, make sure we've got people lined up to teach
them, etc.

We could use help with our web site. I've been meaning to redesign our
site and our logo, and switch over to use cascading stylesheets, but I've
been unable to find the time. Help with the redesign would be welcome.

Also, we've got areas on the web site that could use regular maintenance.
The FAQ section could use an overhaul; I'd like to see someone monitor our
mailing lists for all the problems and solutions, and incorporate them
into our web faq list. This person could also monitor some of the linux
newsgroups to find related discussions to include.

We've got a start at a set of maps and directions to several of our
meeting places; this could use a serious overhaul, as it's nowhere near

These are the few volunteer tasks that come to mind; we're always open to
new ideas. The hardest part generally is finding someone who's interested
in implementing them.

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Sheldon Dubrowin wrote:

> Volunteer to do what?  What is the meeting about?  What do the volunteers
> do?  I'm new to the group and haven't heard about this before.
> 	Shel
> >I just talked to Guy, and we decided to hold the volunteer meeting at the
> >Food Court in the Prudential mall, across the street from Pioneer. The
> >meeting will be this Wednesday, February 11, at 7:00 pm. Everyone who
> >wants to volunteer is invited to join us.
> >
> >We're open to suggestions for places to hold future volunteer meetings.

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