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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

On 10 Feb 98 at 19:54, Michael O'Donnell <mod at> wrote:

> Given my understanding of what I've read in the m1x newsgroups,
> and reading between the lines of Jerry's message, I conclude that
> his configuration employs a hub between the modem and the machine
No. I run thin-wire ethernbet. I prefer thin-wire for small LANs. I 
just upgraded my Win95 system to a PentiumII. I also put a new Ethernet 
card in it. Called Mediaone, and they configured the new Mac address 
immediately including changing DNS to reflect my new IP address.

M1X does not give static IP addresses, but they normally give you the 
same IP address unless they either renumber your network segment or you 
change ethernet cards. Since I have had M1X (18 months), my IP address 
change twise, the first time was when they renumbered Newton last year, 
and when I changed my ethernet card.

Gerald Feldman <gaf at>
Boston Computer Solutions and Consulting

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