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Internet training classes?

At 6:59 AM +0000 2/19/98, Mike Bilow wrote:
>I had a request from someone in Somerville, MA who is fairly new to computers
>and is looking for some basic instruction, particularly on using the Internet.
>I would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction toward a
>community college or other organization which offers such classes.

At 167 Holland Street (near Teele Square) there is an adult-ed center
which has computer classes.  I think they also have public-access
computers for people to teach themselves (the systems are probably not
the latest Pentium-II's but hopefully they've got some Internet
classes by now).

SCALE is at 617/625-1335, and is listed in the public schools section of

It might also be worth calling the mayor's office to ask for assistance;
the mayor has always called himself forward-thinking in telecommunications
(his office helped motivate the RCN cable deployment here--I happen to
disagree with his methods, which waived a lot of the public-access
requirements cities typically request of cable companies and which permitted
installation of new cable on overhead poles).  Here's a blurb from his
web page:

  The Capuano administration is a recognized national leader in the
  telecommunications arena. Mayor Capuano has spearhead efforts to bring
  competition to cable television and a variety of other
  telecommunications services. In December of 1997, the City of
  Somerville became the first community in the Commonwealth and one of
  the few in the country to offer true cable television competition when
  a License was granted to RCN Corporation. It is expected that the end
  result will be lower rates and expanded services for all consumers.

RCN's in the Globe today, apologizing for a price increase and for delays
with the Somerville deployment.  If your friend wants help from the mayor,
call 617/625-6600 x2100.  Staffers are usually very helpful with citizens
looking for education.


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