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(fwd) disabling remote console

John Abreau wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

>      I should not have been, but I was surprised when I could remotely log
> in as root.  I would like to disable this so remote users would have to
> log on under their account and then su to do anything as root.  In Solaris
> we put a line CONSOLE=/dev/console in the file /etc/default/login.  I
> could not find a similar place on my Linux host.  Is there one?

SECURETTY(5)        Linux Programmer's Manual        SECURETTY(5)

       securetty  - file which lists ttys from which root can log

       /etc/securetty is used by login(1); the file contains  the
       device  names  of tty lines (one per line, without leading
       /dev/) on which root is allowed to login.



-- Mike

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