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Recognize my CD-ROM for a Red Hat install

At 18:10 09/06/1998 -0400, Karl Hergenrother wrote:
>I hope one of you install experts can help me.  I have an old Sony CDU33A
>plugged into a Media Magic sound card.

[Source: CD-ROM Howto, section 3.3: "Proprietary Interface"]
Vendor          Model           Kernel Driver   Notes
------          -----           -------------   --------
Sony            CDU-31A         cdu31a
Sony            CDU-33A         cdu31a

They both use the same driver, so your choice is sound. #-]
[Couldn't find anything on the Media Magic sound card.]

>Now I am trying to load RH5.0 from a CD onto the same computer.  Using a
>boot floppy, when I get to the part of identifying the CD-ROM, Autoprobe
>does not work and
>Specify->SonyCDU31A->0x320 gives the message that the CD-ROM cannot be
>located.  Any ideas?

I'm not a RedHat addict, but here are some common ideas:
- check you put your drive into the "Sony" interface of the sound card
(well, if you changed nothing since last year it should be ok); you may
have to move the connector or some jumpers.
- is the sound card properly working? Any new card/configuration change
which may interact (IRQ or I/O ports conflicts) since last year %-) ?  Can
you check the drive is working with another OS?

BTW, RH5.0 is known to have some (unrelated) problems. Any chance you can
get a RH5.1?

Good luck!

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