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more sane devices/installation

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to:     discuss
from:   dan moylan
ref:    dsc0929a.out
subj:   more on sane devices/installation

i downloaded sane-0.67-2.i386.rpm into /usr/packages from the net
(according to an article in the march linux journal) and installed it

     rpm -i sane-0.67-2.i386.rpm 

i have no rpmrc files, either in etc or $HOME.

1. the executables scanimage and xscanimage got installed in /usr/bin
2. /etc/sane.d contains dll.conf and umax.conf
3. dll.conf includes the uncommented lines pnm and umax 
4. umax.conf contains only the uncommented line /dev/scanner  
5. there seems not to be any utility find-scanner

the scanner appears to be /dev/sga from perusing dmesg output, and has
been chmod'd and linked as follows:

     chmod 777 /dev/sga
     ln -s /dev/sga /dev/scanner

i later substitued v0.73 (ftp'd from a friend) of the executables scanimage
and xscanimage with no difference in performance.

unless you can suggest some shortcut, i see no option but to uninstall
and proceed from scratch according to your website notes, which i have
printed out.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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