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Request help setting up IP printer w/Jetdirect card

Thanks.  Yes, I discovered lpd needed to run :-)

My next task will be to devise a filter to ideally have all jobs (text and
binary) converted to postscript, the universal language, and then printed.

If you or anyone else on the list has a working filter for this purpose,
please email it (or reference a URL).



On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Glenn Burkhardt wrote:

> I have this exact configuration running (HP 4000 with JetDirect J3110A board).
> The JetDirect board is wonderful - it was a snap to get working.  It directly
> supports the lpd printer protocol, has an http server, and a telnet server.
> It sounds like the problem you're having is on your local Linux system - check
> the logs in /var/log to try to find out why your daemon dies.
> My printcap entry is:
> lp|lz0:\
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/lp:\
>         :mx#0:\
>         :rm=hp4000:\
>         :sh :\
>         :rp=auto:
> The instructions in the CDROM were pretty clear - you can check/change your
> printer's configuration with either Netscape or telnet.
> My setup worked right out of the box.  The only trick was disabling the banner
> page - the only access to that switch is through telnet.

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