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when/how are linux/modules/*.ver built?

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, John G. Norman wrote:

> Hi. I'm recompiling the tulip.c network card driver, which wants to include 
> modversions.h, which in turn wants to include linux/modules/*.ver. But 
> they're not there. When/how are these .ver files built?

If they're missing, I believe they should be rebuilt when the kernel is

One possible problem is that you haven't followed the instructions for how
to compile the module.  If you look at the source code, at the end it
gives the exact command line you need to use to build it.  I'm assuming
that you're using source that you got off the disk that came with your
card?  For some specific reason? 

If you simply want to add support for the tulip card, run the
kernel configuration of your choice (make config, make xconfig,
or make menuconfig) and add in support for the DEC tulip in the
Network Devices section. Then recompile the kernel.  The latest kernel
includes a pretty recent version of the Tulip driver.  No muss, no fuss.

Derek Martin
System Administrator
Mission Critical Linux
martin at 

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