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DNS and Apache Server

> One problem I have noticed is the slow startup of Apache at boot up time on my Linux.
> It is trying to resolve the DNS name for this web server. The domainname on my
> local LAN is a bogus domain. I do have the WWW server mentioned in the DNS table
> www             A
> What entries are required in the DNS to get Apache to start without delay?
> The named daemon is starting before the the httpd daemon. The problem is obviously
> in the DNS record.

Most times that an application is slow to startup is due to it trying to
reverse-resolve itself.  Adding a forward-lookup entry won't help much in
this case.  The easy solution is to make sure you have the IP/name in
/etc/hosts, though you could always put in a reverse lookup DNS records as
well.  I've never run into a problem with apache ever looking for a
reverse-lookup myself, so I hope this helps.


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