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Help with remote printing from Slackware

Hello to all:

In /etc/printcap on a work Slackware 7 linux box, I have entries for an HP
LJ 4050TN and for a Savin 9935DP copier/printer, all devices connected via
a 100Base-T office LAN.   The rp entry for the HP is set to raw.

I'm looking for printcap and filter assistance for print to both printers.

First, I'd like to find a filter for the HP to permit all text-based jobs
to print as Postscript and send a formfeed to permit the spooled job to
spit out the page when processed.

Second, I am requesting assistance for whatever is needed for the Savin
device to print.

We currently spool through an NT box, but sometimes have problems,
resulting in the need to delete the printers from the NT server, then have
users on 98/NT boxes delete the printer and reinstall it.  Having their
workstations route through Microsoft TCP/IP printing to our linux box will
give more flexible control and negate much of the problems.

Thanks for any help.


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