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Shell script

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Anthony J. Gabrielson wrote:
>	I have what I hope to be an easy question.  How do I make the
>output of a command, it will be a number, assign to a variable.  I'm using
>bash - I have been reading through several books on this and I'm starting
>to get frusterated.

$ set var=`echo 3284`; echo $var


$ export var=`echo 3284`
$ echo $var

The first way is okay if you're in a script rather than
the command-line, as the variable will be in scope throughout
the rest of the file (but not outside it). 'export' makes
the variable global.
'man bash' is one of the best manpages in my opinion;
read the whole thing and be happy later.

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