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router/hub/dhcp client units for cablemodem

I have a coworker who is getting a RCN cablemodem, but does not want to
set up a computer as a firewall/gateway/router.  I know several people in
the group use devices like the one in the subject line between the
cablemodem and their intranet, and I'd like to hear some models and

We found one unit from Linksys (EtherFast Cable/DSL router) for about $180
that looks like it will work.  It's got four ports plus an uplink port
and a seperate one for the cablemodem.

Any advice?  Thanks in advance.


DDDD   David Kramer         
DKK D  Every non-key attribute depends on the key, the whole key,
DK KD  and nothing but the key, so help me Codd.
DDDD                                      (Sybase training class)

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