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Serial Port networking

> and in /var/log/messages:
> plip: parport0 has no IRQ.
> plip: no devices registered
> Now this is odd because it's happening on _both_ systems.  Next I rebooted both
> systems so I could check the BIOS settings and what do I find, both systems
> use IRQ 7 for the parallel port.  So the message in the logfile is wrong.
> following the PLIP MINI-HOWTO I try this
> insmod plip irq=7
> and I get this:
> plip.o: invalid parameter parm_irq
> Now I have to ask why that flag in the HOWTO if it does not exist?
> So can anyone figure out what's going on?  Any ideas?

Is parport actually listed in /proc/interrupts?  By default, the kernel
(I think) runs it irq-less, and you'd need to do 'echo 7 >
/proc/parport/0/irq' or the like.  Hope that helps, perhaps.

Brian J. Conway
dogbert at
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