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Gnu Term and my Browser

Today, Jack Coats gleaned this insight:

> I am using GNOME Terminal 1.0.53 from RH Linux 6.2
> It has a neat trick of highlighting a URL, and if I
> right click my mouse, a dropdown box indicates I 
> should be able to open it in my browser.

Just use xterm.  There is no substitute. Highlight the text and
middle-click in netscape and you're all set (admittedly the others will do
this too, but xterm is the first and the best terminal program for lots of
other reasons).

> 	Telling me to RTFM is fine, just please 
> 	point me to it and I will be glad to 
> 	"Read The Fine Manual" and even post a
> 	short 'HowTo'.

Nah... unless things have changed a lot there is no manual for Gnome apps.
For a while I entertained writing man pages, but they just wanted to copy
the crap they had in DocBook, and at the time I realized I had no free
time, and the tools required to convert them to nroff sucked.  Prolly
still do. So I gave up on the idea.

They should have just stuck to man pages...  I don't know what all the
fuss over doc book is anyway.  Their help browser reads man pages just
fine, and it's still what the rest of the Unix world uses for docs.

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