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Damned color xterms ...

Derek D. Martin writes:
	 Yesterday, John Chambers gleaned this insight:
	 I had a feeling this was going to turn out to be your problem after
	 remembering having seen this myself.
	 You need to change the values of the following X resources:
	   XTerm*colorBD: White
	   XTerm*colorUL: Yellow
	   XTerm*colorBDMode: True
	   XTerm*colorULMode: True

I did manage to find these in the "man xterm" on one machine,  though
I must say that their descriptions are pretty much gibberish, full of
unexplained jargon, and it's not at all obvious what they do.

However, next to them was the colorMode resource, and  my  .Xdefaults
now contains
   xterm*colorMode:  false
which seems to fix the problem.

Now there's the growing problem of the impressive number of resources
that  need  to  be  set to make an xterm on a new machine behave in a
sensible fashion.  I do have a copy of the settings cached in a place
that's visible on the Net, but of course, in a development situation,
it often turns out to be difficult and time consuming to  figure  out
how  to  fetch  the  info  on yet another test machine with the usual
flakey net connection through N firewalls.

Sometimes I feel like entropy is taking over, and it's  getting  more
and more difficult to just get a dumb text terminal to work ...
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