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[LHA-misc] X 10 (fwd)

I just gound this post ont eh Linux Home Automation list

DDDD   David Kramer         
DKK D  Every non-key attribute depends on the key, the whole key,
DK KD  and nothing but the key, so help me Codd.
DDDD                                      (Sybase training class)

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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 17:12:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: kain at
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Subject: RE: [LHA-misc] X 10


X10 is giving away the firecracker kit for $6.90 again, try
and click on the new users graphic in the middle of the page.  As for software
there is bottlerocket and various graphical frontends to that and if you're a
programmer there's <shameless plug>XAL ( the X10
Abstraction library and if you do Python PyX10 (
which are Python wrappers to XAL.</shameless plug :>


On 23-Jun-2000 Jogeir Lindseth wrote:
> Where can I buy the x10 interface?
> And hwat software is recomended.
> And yes I am new to this.
> -- 
> mvh Jogeir Lindseth. Linux reg.user 133963. ICQ 76646581.
> MoonPhase: Waning Gibbous (62% of Full)
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Date: 23-Jun-2000
Time: 17:09:16

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