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Socializing (AKA Spring is here)

On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Bill Horne wrote:

> Anyway, assuming you're interested in the opposite sex, try 
> Community Boating:  it's cheap, fun, and a great way to get 
> dates.  In fact, it's where I met my wife.

It's not very often you hear "boats" and "cheap" in the same sentence.

I guess it partly depends on what kind of person you're looking for.  I
have a friend who has a lot of luck meeting women at wine tastings at wine

If you're interested in science fiction, science fiction
conventions are an excellent place to meet thinking, open-minded,
interesting women, and there's always something low-commitment to do. 

For a while, when I was in NY and single, I used to belong to a volleyball
league, but you have to find one that's not too serious, yet still
focused enough to actually play games.  Great unisex excersize.   

I used to do theater (technical theater, in my case- lighting mostly) in
Manhattan and Queens.  That was a lot of fun, and you get to spend a lot
of time with the actors, but there's an opportunity to meet more with each

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