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slow netscape startup

Mark Donnelly wrote:
> Ron:
> Might your browser be configured to use a proxy server?


I also just tried removing my network card.  Then I get an error
something like " unavailable..." and get nothing.

Nothing life threatening here - I've been living with this for quite a
while - but rather exasperating.

I also tried Randy's suggestion and turned off all the smart browsing
stuff under preferences.  Still no go.

I'm curious if this happens to other people.  Set your homepage to
something local, quit netscape, unplug your network cable, then start
netscape and go to your homepage.  Does it come right up?

I have a couple of other Linux boxes here, but they're our office
servers, so I don't think people would appreciate me unplugging them
from the network to fiddle with the browser :-)

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