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slow netscape startup fixed...

Ron Peterson wrote:

> Ahhh.  Worked!  Although I had to make localhost the *only* newsgroup
> server, not just the default server.  So now I have to decide which is
> more inconvenient, slow startups, or adding/deleting news servers.

I know this is going to sound kinda hacky, maybe there is a better
solution, but...

Say you use usenet server ''.  When you're not
on the 'net, add that server name to your localhost definintion
in /etc/hosts:       localhost.localdomain localhost

Now that IP address will also resolve to your local host
and thus _no_ ARP (DNS) request going out the network card.

When you get connected back to civilization, delete the
extra entry.

Now you can have your news servers and eat them too!

You could even make a sudo script to do this for you.

You are using Linux-Mandrake, aren't you? :^)

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