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Request for advice on computer purchasing

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 C_Principe at wrote:

> I am looking into attempting to grab a real cheap used computer to install
> a Linux distro on, and I am looking for recommendations from the list on
> good Boston-area (inside 495) stores to pick up equipment and/or desktop
> computers at very reasonable prices.  This is going to be a hobby computer,
> and I don't have very much cash.  I'm looking for something with 32M
> memory, a CD-ROM drive at any speed, a 1G hard drive, and that's about all.
> I'm not looking to do some major crunching, so I don't think processor
> speed is going to be too much of an issue.
> I would even be willing to buy a motherboard in a case and put the rest
> together myself.

I would recommend looking at the newsgroup.  There are usually
good bargains on outdated hardware there.  Also the MIT Flea Market (third
Sunday of every month at Albany Street and Main Street)

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