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Switching to MediaOne

  | > box out, or is it as simple as calling MediaOne to report the different
  | > MAC address?
  | Most probably, yes.  MediaOne hands out IP addresses only to known MAC
  | addresses, AFAIK.  At least they did when I got my CM.

Yes, they respond only to known MAC addresses, which
plays hell with having different laptops on different
days, and so forth.

On the off chance that there are any users of old
Macintosh gear on the list, I append a recent
post to a list devoted to 68K Macs.



------- Begin Fragment

Brought MediaOne cable modem into the house.  Spent a
long (long) time on the phone with them before getting
somewhere.  Want to share this prophylactically with

MediaOne requires the MAC address of the computer being
connected to their net.  I have a Centris 610 with a
Farallon 10BaseT transceiver connected to an AAUI port
i.e., the MAC address is actually with the transceiver
and will not, therefore, show up on the TCP/IP control
panel (Hardware address: <not applicable>).  This 
flumoxes all the people one can get on the first or
second try at good old MediaOne.

The trick is this -- find someone who can talk Macintosh
(there are some there) and get them to set the MAC addr
to something that is a lie.  Boot your Macintosh and
they will get an error condition that says, more or less,
"intruder device 08.00.07.ED.BB.9B has appeared" and
there you have it.

The guy I talked with didn't know how to do this -- it was
my idea.  But he wrote it down for future reference.  Like
I am doing.  Now.

Hasta plane waygo,


------- End Fragment

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