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Switching to MediaOne

I have used Linux as my primary Mediaone box for the past year or so. 
Earlier versions of SuSE had some scripting problems, but 6.4 has been very 
solid. While I have not done so, you can change your MAC address in 
software, at least for most network cards.  The DHCPD daemon reads a 
configuration file, where you can set up things like the MAC address.
Rich Braun wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback.  I also got a couple of other private replies.
> My question remains this:  assuming I don't have DHCP-client working
> on the old Linux box, will this work?  Will the cable-modem recognize
> my Linux PC even if it hasn't requested a DHCP lease?
> Secondary question: if MediaOne renumbers my IP address in the future,
> is there any way (short of calling them, or getting some form of DHCP
> client up and running with the hard-wired MAC address) to find out
> what the new address is?
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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