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Redhat 7.0 (xinetd)

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Karl J. Runge wrote:

> Do you know if it will be 100% compatible with existing RH installations?
> (i.e. no tweaking required to get things working again after an upgrade.
> I believe RH could achieve this in a number of ways)
> But if not, then let us now have a moment of silence for those of us who
> will be broken.........
>  ;-)

The way I heard it explained, the 7.x indicates changes in the compiler
that are not backward compatible. Throughout the 6.x series they stuck
with an old egcs and didn't keep up with glibc updates, in order to
enable, for example, binaries built on 6.2 to run on older 6.x systems.
With 7.0, they're upgrading to the current gcc and current glibc, and
binaries built with these won't run on 6.x systems.

Presumably 6.x binaries will run okay on 7.0, probably requiring a
"compatibility" rpm containing the older versions of the libraries.

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