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Visual Source Safe, Linux, Samba and security

Samba can be tunneled through SSH.  Depending on your configuration that
could be your solution.  Here's an email I have on the subject.

> Subject: mounting samba shares through ssh

> It probably isn't the most elegant solution, but you get the idea:
> Assuming you want to mount the NT/Samba shares on server X, map
> localhost:1390 to X:139.

> Then just issue this smbmount command:
>   smbmount //localhost/share_name /mnt/my_local_share -o
>    port=1390,username=your_username,uid=your_username.

> I forget why I needed to use username and uid, but it works so I don't
> touch it.

I think this won't quite do what you want though, because you want a
windows machine to have secure access to a samba share, not a linux
machine.  So you might be able to do the following:

At each off-site location, use the instructions above (on a Linux machine)
to mount the remote smb share securely.  Then run samba on the Linux
machine to reexport the share, allowing access only from local machines.
Thus the long haul connection is tunneled over ssh, but the share is
accessible in each off-site location unencrypted.

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