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changing gatewaydev on notebook

Derek Atkins wrote:
> You could try putting the GATEWAY into your ifcfg-* file...  Indeed, I
> don't think that technically you need a GATEWAYDEV, and if you do I
> think you can also put that in the ifcfg-* file..

kppp requires GATEWAYDEV be set to the ppp interface.  I tried just
leaving it there (on ppp0), but it needs to be set to eth0 when I'm on
my LAN to connect outside the office.

I have a Linksys 10/100+modem PCMCIA card.  Since both interfaces reside
on the same card, I can't just check whether the card is present or not.

Could I export GATEWAY & GATEWAYDEV in ifup-ppp, and revert in
ifdown-ppp?  I'm not as familiar as I should be with how the various
scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts operate.  :(


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