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>From day1, Caldera's intent was to be the "business linux". SCO was a 
major player in desktop Unix systems because of their worldwide support 
organization. I would suspect that this will give SCO more credibility in 
the GNU/Linux side of the fence, and give Caldera more exposure in the 
corporate marketplace where SCO is already a player. I think it's a very 
good thing for Linux from 2 standpoints. One, I think that it marks the 
end of SCO's crappy versions of Unix and the second is that those may 
be replaced by Caldera's Linux. Eventhough my personal dstro 
preference puts Caldera down a few notches (I prefer SuSE, Red Hat, 
Mandrake and Debian in that order) it adds strength to Linux. 

(BTW: I intentionally am posting this twice. Once with BLU.ORG the 
other with the IP address). I think that some of the DNS servers are now 
starting to catch up). 
On 2 Aug 2000, at 14:02, Anthony J. Gabrielson wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	Caldera bought most of SCO today.  I'm still trying to figure out
> why?

Jerry Feldman
Contractor, eInfrastructure Partner Engineering   

Compaq Computer Corp.
200 Forest Street MRO1-3/F1
Marlboro, Ma. 01752
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