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Thanks - worked like a champ


On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Brian J. Conway wrote:

> >         Anyone know how to configure a gateway under solaris?  After years
> > of waiting - I finally have a cable modem.  I should have dns set up
> > properly.  I edited nsswitch.conf so that it will lool at dns.  I added a
> > resolv.conf file with the mediaone dns servers.  However I haven't figured
> > out how configure my gateway yet.
> I find that setting such options up at install time is preferable, but
> since that's not really an option, this came up yesterday on Linux
> Today: .  It
> looks like everything you'd be looking for.  Now that I've actually read
> your question, you just need to add in the defaultroute with the route
> command, and it'll then be saved for the next reboot as well.
> Brian J. Conway
> dogbert at
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