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Dynamic <IMG>

David Lapointe wrote:
> I've done graphics on the fly using PHP.  They have a good example
> too. Also GD ( for a perl or C based solution has some > examples of dynamically generating images.

I just so happen to be using the GD C Library.  I hadn't thought to
check their website for info on this.

> > Does /cgi-bin/tile need to output something differently than if it were
> > simply dumping a PNG to a file?
> Yes, you need to send out the header information (header,blankline) then the image.
> print ("Content-type:  image/png\n\n");
> ...{send image}

I'd better confirm that this was indeed the problem before my inbox
explodes.  :-)  I was under the mistaken impression that you only did
this when you wanted to send an image to a browser naked and alone.

So things work now, but not really.  Now I have to figure out why even
dynamically generated images get cached by the browser, and what do I do
about it.  Bleh.


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