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        Okay I have my last problem worked out thanks to two people who
gave me alot of help - Thank You.  I have a new problem that should be
easy.  I have created .htaccess file in the directory I want to log into,
and it points to my passwd file (the one created with htpasswd).  I have
used the -m option to encrypt the data, although it doesn't work any
other way either.  The user won't authenticate.  I could be missing
something glaringly obvious, as this is my first attempt at running a
webserver that does login's and ssl, etc...  So there are many things that
I'm not quite familar about.  Anyway if someone could just tell me how to
get Apache to recognize my users - I promise I will never bring this topic
up again, or at least I hope so.

Thanks for all help - I seem to need a lot of it lately....


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