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Linux DVD software (was Re: Dell Inspiron 5000 (15" SXGA))

Today, Evan Sarmiento gleaned this insight:

> I just wanted to correct you on the fact that there _is_ DVD software for
> Linux.
> Check out

Yeah there is, but last time I tried to use it, it wasn't the easiest to
get working (i.e. runable without immediately crashing), and when I did I
couldn't read any of my DVDs.  Need DeCSS too, and I don't have the hard
drive space to dedicate to unencrypting a whole movie on my laptop.
Unless a lot has changed in the last 2 months or so, I'd consider that
software basically unusable.  If you're using it now, let me know what you
think... I really want to be able to play DVDs on Linux.  :) 

Then I can reinstall and wipe out windows on my laptop completely, which
is as it should be.

Now if I could just get Valve to port the Half-life client... grrrrr.

You know that everytime I try to go where I really want to be,
It's already where I am, cuz I'm already there...
Derek D. Martin              |  Unix/Linux Geek
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