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Scrolling in xterm

> My xterm is version 4.0.1b(104).  I have the scrollbar
> showing up on the left side of my window.  I am not able
> to interactively use the mouse to scroll back in the
> window.  A mouse click in the scroll bar will position
> the view in the scroll buffer.  How can I use the mouse
> button to move interactively through the scroll buffer

 [ The following is based upon my knowledge of "standard"
   Xterm - I have no familiarity with Gnome and if recent
   versions of Xterm have been "improved" (it was working,
   so we fixed it!) then I also have no familiarity with
   such versions...                                          ]

I believe the following Xterm scroll behaviors are bound
to the following mouse inputs in the following ways:

 - Button1 (normally left) - clicking in the scroll bar will
   scroll the display up (forward in the displayed text) by
   some fraction of a screenfull; that fraction is determined
   by the distance from the top of the scroll bar.  That is,
   if you click very close to the top of the scroll bar you
   will scroll forward only a little; if you click near the
   bottom of the scroll bar you will scroll forward by nearly
   a full screen.

 - Button3 (normally right) - same as Button1, except scroll
   direction is backwards (image moves down).

 - Button2 (normally middle) - clicking in the scroll
   bar immediately causes the slider to jump there and the
   scrolled image is jumped to the corresponding position in
   the scroll buffer.  You can also then drag the slider back
   and forth to position it where you like and the displayed
   image will track.

If you have no Button2 (middle) it's possible that it can be emulated
by simultaneously clicking Button1 and Button2 (left and right)

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