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passwd problem

	I have a rather odd problem with passwd, root is the only user
that can change passwds.  Here's an example of what happens if another
user tries to change there passwd:

agabriel at home:~ > passwd
Old Password:
passwd: Authentication failure

Heres location & attributes

agabriel at home:~ > type passwd
passwd is hashed (/usr/bin/passwd)
agabriel at home:~ > ls -al /usr/bin/passwd
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     shadow      27920 Mar 24 19:04 /usr/bin/passwd

I recently upgraded from SuSE 6.1 to the evaluation version of 6.4, since
7.0 is coming out next month I can't justify spending the money.  I have
been thinking through this problem for a bit and I can't figure out this
problem.  The Authentication problem should happen if I type the old
passwd in wrong, I didn't type it wrong as many times as I tried it.  So
the only thing I can come up with is that passwd can write them correctly,
just not verify them correctly.  I'm not sure which package has the source
to passwd to rebuild it, and I'm hesitant to do that.  A few years ago I
had an issue with mount after I rebuilt it - the options changed, and the
system could no longer boot properly.  

I can still log in, I just can't change my passwd from a user other than

Any suggestions?

This is odd,

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