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My new system: Advices?

guys, I have some observation and question on my new system. I'm posting
this in the hope of having some answer and, maybe, to give out some

Last week I got a Duron 700 with Golden Orb fan (I know the gotcha: read
on!) with a MSI 6330 K7TPro mobo, and a ATI Rage Fury MAxx video card on
a 300W PS (ok and 128Mb Pc133 mem :) ).
1) CPU is great: I love the price ($100) and the performance ;)
2) The mobo is damn good! The cpu got overheated: it reaches a
temperature of 117F (47C) and the mobo turned itself off. I dunno the
temp specs, but
added an extra case fan, I got temperature around 109F (43C). Now it is
stable. I suppose the temperature should be lower, around 87F (35C)
3) DO NOT GET THE GOLDEN ORB. It is an abortion of Fan. Get a better
one. It can crash the CPU. IMHO it does not provide enought cooling for
the cpu. I'm trying to get the Chrome ORB that is suppose to be better
(check out
4) the video card .... well on paper is great and....  that is it! I got
problem with XFree 86 (I'm new with Suse6.4). Xfree86 3.3.6 hangs the
WHOLE system.
XFree 4.0 is partially working. XFree86 4.0.1 shows me some sugar....
but it is still not perfect. I got it up and runnig at the 24bpp
1600x1200 but I'm not
impressed/happy yet. I'm going to tweek the video frequency tho and I'll
see. I'm not a gaming fan either but for $130 I want something more
On the side, the drivers for Windoze98 SUCKS big time. I wasn;'t able to
get them installed. I got the new one from ATI, but it looks like there
is a
conflict with the mobo drivers: after a whole sunny sunday missed
(something rare here in Boston) I got it to run properly only ONCE.Now
I'm trying to
figure out what is wrong:damn it I want it to get me more that 480x640 @
16 colors!

If anybody else can give me other news on this systems please, speak up!



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