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Serial tty issue with sparc & RH 6.2

> I've recently loaded RHL 6.2 for sparc onto an Ultra 1E and am having a
> tough time sending a CTRL-C type interrupt through a serial console (TTYA).
> I've tried telix for DOS and Hyperterm for win32, but neither seems to send
> an interrupt.  BTW, Telnet works just fine to send a CTRL-C.  I have no
> head/keyboard and I am able to send a CTRL+END to issue a BREAK under both
> terminal programs.  I've messed with stty a bit but was never really an
> expert, so I have not gotten very far.
> BTW, for those who are curious, as I was, linux seems to run pretty well on
> a sparc! (not that I had any doubts, but it was a 386 project at first).
> Have any of you run into this console issue?

Yes, it's a well know issue.  I believe there's a replacement for the
serial console getty... maybe mgetty? or mini-getty which works fine.

If you search the mailing lists it's roughly documented, but unfortunately
if memory serves... most people give up and just telnet to the box.

I ran linux 6.1 on my sparc20 for a while as my firewall, but I turned it off
when I got my linksys cable-router.

- christoph

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